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Valerie St Clair

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Valerie St Clair.

I am a catholic since converting from united methodist while in the second grade. I started catholic school in the third grade and attended through high school. I attended church with my parents untill I became old enough to not "have to go" and then only attended on occason ie...Christmas and Easter and maybe a few other times in the year. I always felt connected to God and prayed, but mostly when I needed something. I never went to confession again since eight grade, or maybe even earlier if it was not manditory, but non the less it was about 1981. A bit of of a coincidence! I only knew of the Balkin war and never heard much of Medjugorje as far as I can remember, maybe my mom mentioned it because it did ring a very distant bell when my mom gave me a packet of articles and religious mementos to go through as I was having a spiritual renewal when my son was born in 2007 and my father passed away just 2 mos. after. (My son was born JUNE 25 2007, another coincident!) Well, I came across an article on Medjugorje and immediately googeled it and from that exact moment I was "converted". It has been almost a year now and I have not gone one day with out giving my entire day to God and attepting to live the messages and tell others of the graces we have available to us every day in the Eucherist. I also imediately went to confession for the first time in about 29 years. I started the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, the 19th Annotation with a spiritual advisor and have not missed weekly mass and have even gone to mass on weekdays on occasion. I have read upwards of 50 books on all subjects from Medjugorje to many other apparitions and also on pugratory.

I spend at least one hour of prayer in solitude every day and have a special alter dedicated to all my now blessed religious items. I have implimented the regular use of many Sacrimentals in all areas of my life and pray daily for all the poor souls and visit the graves of my relatives and take holy water to them. I have arranged for masses for my deceased relatives and have had a profound change in my entire view of life death and the sinful nature of human beings. I would never, and I mean Never been able to pray for "bad" people and now I am more than able with only the grace of God! I have been able to get rid of hatred in my heart that I thought impossible only with Gods grace. I never prayed for a priest in my life....I assumed that they were "covered" but now I see the reason we all need to pray for each other and for our Daily Conversions! I have re- learned my Catholic faith and now see Clearly that we in the church Do have The Wholeness Of Truth! I have made prayer my whole day and I cannot live another day any different now and I would never want to. I owe my LIFE to Medjugorje!! I was alive but not living for my serve and glorify God! My soul was starving and I didnt even know it. I thank Jesus and Mary every day for waiting for me! I am a bit late in living the messages but I feel Absolutely 100% that I was lead here by my deceased father who was devoted to Mary, (as well as my mother is!), and said to me very propheticaly one day that "church might not be very important to you now, but some day It will be!" Now Holy mass is the highlight of my week and nothing short of a natural didaster would keep me from it! I also have felt a tremendous pull to go to adoration on a regular basis. I think I could fill a book of all the miricles that have occured since I encountered Medjugorje.

I had always cried at mass and didnt know why untill I read one of Wayne Weibles books and it mentioned the "gift of tears". My mother and I both have always had this and I had no idea why I always cried at mass, I was uncomfortable with how emotional I would get and be sort of embarassed. Now I am so very thankful for my deep and utterly profound connection to my Lord Jesus! What graces I have had all my life and would Never had discovered/understood without our Our Lady of Medjugorje!! I owe my salvation to Gospa of that I am 100% certain. I am only one in Millions of conversions I am sure, but I just wanted to do my part in giving a true testmiony to the validity of the fruit Medjugorje bears. And I have never even been there. I would love to go if Gospa wants me to, but I do not need to go to know that I have been called and taken by the hand of my Mother who then placed it in the hand of her Son. I feel more blessed and lucky to have been given this Gift of deep and abiding faith. I pray that every human being accept this gift of faith offered by God! I also need to thank Fr. Svet and Fr. Jozo and Fr.Slavko, God rest him, for all the direction they have given us over the years. I find their discernment invaluablel in my daily attempts to live the messages! I pray daily for the entirity of Mejurgorje and all that it represents to the world. I pray daily for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which will bring the Return of Our Lord Jesus Christ in all His glory!

Praised be Jesus and Mary!! In Gods peace, Valerie St. Clair

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