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Michael Ross of Kentucky USA.

I did not need to visit Medjugorje for Our Lady to reach me. I have no doubt our Queen of Peace's call to me was a result of myprayers for my family. I am a 43 year old non-catholic male who was never aware of Mary or Medjugorje before Sept 2010 much less the Catholic faith. I have been married for over 19 years and have two children, teenagers, and I run a small business in Louisville, KY serving our community since 1996. As soon as I read of the events occurring in Medjugorje I felt in my heart it was 100% real. I aggressively read everything I could get my hands on, shared it with those around me, and began living as Our Lady's messages request to the best of my ability: Some of things I do that are a part of my new life now include daily rosary, penance, fasting each Wed on water which is given exclusively for Our Lady (I find bread makes me nauseated during fasting which is unfortunate because our Blessed Mother says the best fast is on bread and water although I selfishly feel not being able to eat bread allows for greater penance), carrying my rosary with me everywhere I go, daily reading of the bible, prayer in the morning-throughout the day-and in the evening, prayer and penance for the unbelievers and those souls in purgatory. I immediately took to learning the Rosary on my own as I wished to recite the Rosary from memory for Our Blessed Mother, and praying it daily while reading the books I had found on Medjugorje and the saints including St Therese of Lisieux's - Story of a Soul. I found a prayer group that meets weekly of 5 Catholic senior citizen women who visited Medjugorje in the 1980's (as Our Lady has suggested we be a part of) we pray the entire rosary set together and offer our intentions. Mary brought me and my earthly mother to when the visionary Marija visited the USA in March 2011. The miracles that brought us there and the healing of our hearts is beyond description but one I may share right now is my confession, 43 years in the making, in the field of the valley on the date of March 20th, 2011. My path of conversion continues to advance and I suspect is a lifelong joy but I know that Mary's presence in Medjugorje is the reason for my conversion. I am far from perfect and lacking in many areas but through the grace of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and Our Blessed Mother the Queen of the Holy Rosary I hope that I may be fortunate enough to save souls of those I know not and those closest to me through a prayerful Mary and Jesus centered life. The miracles Our Blessed Mother, Queen of Peace has blessed me with over the these last few months are too numerous to mention here and I am forever in her service and debt and I will spread her message through my actions and example life as best as I am able. Although she asks us to live purely as an example I still carry with me many rosaries and literature to share with those that may ask - I cannot help but share the beautiful message and the love our Blessed Mother has for us. If only every being on the planet could understand the healing in their hearts and the love they too would pray the rosary and offer their service to our most beloved heavenly Mother and Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Mother Mary and her presence in Medjugorje is the reason I am here and this has happened in my life and I am eternally thankful to her and am dedicated to her service until the moment I pass. I send this not because I wish for the Church to approve of the events at Medjugorje but because I am compelled to send it. It is no longer my will being done in my life but the will of my Blessed Mother Mary, her son Jesus, and our Father - God. Do I believe the church will ever authorize the miracles of the Queen of Peace or whatever that means ~ I do not know. I am not sure that is too concerning to Mary as the many hearts she is healing and souls she are saving are her true goals - all for her son, Jesus. These are the testament to her works and may God continue to grant Mary her intentions so souls may be saved and healed. I feel her goals are to call individuals and for their healing, then the healing of the family, and once completed the entire world will be healed. I understand now why I never saw this in the papers or on the news each day, Hello World - the Mother of God is here on Earth!, because that is not her way and that is not how people become convicted, healed, and dedicated - truly dedicated to their soul to her son Jesus and Mary's mission. May the reason I am sending this be fulfilled. Praise be to Jesus & Mary eternally.

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