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The Messages - Short History

The message of Medjugorje is a call to Conversion, conversion back to God. Our Lady gives us five Stones or Weapons, which we can use to overcome the power and influence of evil and sin in our lives. Our Lady's purpose for coming to earth is to guide each one of us back to her Son Jesus. She does this by leading us step by step toward a life of holiness through the hundreds of messages she has given to the world through the visionaries in Medjugorje.


For quite a while now, in Medjugorje (Citluk, Bosnia-Herzegovina)  six trustworthy witnesses, testify firmly under oath, that since the  24th of June 1981, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or the "Gospa", as she is  affectionately known as here, appears to them every day up to the  present.

The First Day

On  the said date at approximately six o' clock in the evening, on the area  of Crnica hill known as Podbrdo, the children, Ivanka Ivankovic,  Mirjana Dragicevic, Vicka Ivankovic, Ivan Dragicevic, Ivan Ivankovic and  Milka Pavlovic saw an incredibly beautiful young woman with a little  child in her arms. She didn't say anything to them but indicated with  gestures that they should come closer. Surprised and frightened they  were afraid to come near, even though they immediately thought her to be  Our Lady.

The Second Day
On  the second day, the 25th of June 1981, the children agreed to meet once  again at the same place that Our Lady had previously appeared, in the  hope of seeing her again. All of a sudden there was a flash of light.  The children looked up and saw Our Lady, this time without the child.  She was smiling and joyful and was indescribably beautiful. With her  hands she gestured to them to come closer. The children braced  themselves and went up to her. They immediately fell to their knees and  began to pray the "Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be". Our Lady prayed  together with them except for when they prayed the "Hail Mary".
After  the prayer she began to speak with the children. Ivanka, first of all,  asked her about her mother who had died two months previously. And  Mirjana asked Our Lady for some sign to be given to show to the people  that they were neither lying nor crazy, as some people had said.
Our  Lady finally left the children with the words," God be with you my  angels!" Before that, when the children asked her if they would see her  the following day, she replied by nodding her head.
According to the  visionaries the whole encounter was indescribable. On that day two of  the children, which made up the previous group were missing: Ivan  Ivankovic and Milka Pavlovic. They were replaced by two others: Marija  Pavlovic and Jakov Colo. And from that day onwards according to these  six children, Our Lady regularly appears to them. Milka Pavlovic and  Ivan Ivankovic, who were present on the first day of apparitions, did  not see Our Lady again, even though they returned to the apparition  site, in the hope of seeing her.

The Third Day

On  the 26th of June 1981, the children full of anticipation waited at  around six o' clock, which was when she previously appeared. They were  going towards the same place, to meet her there. They were very happy,  although their joy was mixed with fear wondering what would be the  outcome of all this. Despite all this, the children could feel some sort  of inner strength attracting them to meet with Our Lady.
Suddenly,  while the children were still on their way a light flashed three times.  To them and to those following them, it was a sign indicating Our Lady's  whereabouts. On that third day Our Lady appeared even higher up than on  the previous days. All at once Our Lady disappeared. But when the  children began to pray, she reappeared. She was cheerful and smiling  serenely and once again her beauty was overwhelming.
As they left  their houses some older women advised them to carry holy water with them  to make sure that it was not of Satan. When they were with Our Lady  Vicka took the water and splashed it in the direction of the vision  saying, "If you are Our Blessed Mother, please stay, and if you are not,  go away from us". Our Lady smiled at this and remained with the  children. Then Mirjana asked her name and she replied, "I am the Blessed Virgin Mary".
On the same day, coming down Podbrdo, Our Lady appeared one more time, this time however only to Maria saying, "Peace, peace, peace and only peace". Behind her, Maria could see a cross. After which Our Lady repeated, in tears, the following words, "Peace must reign between man and God, and between all people!" The area where this took place is about half way up to the Apparition Site.

The Fourth Day
On  the 27th of June 1981, Our Lady appeared three times to the children.  On that occasion the children asked all kinds of questions and Our Lady  responded. For priests, she gave this message. "May the priests firmly believe and may they take care of the faith of the people!" Once again, Jakov and Mirjana asked for a sign, because the people had begun to accuse them of lying and of taking drugs. "Do not be afraid of anything", Our Lady replied.
Before  parting, when asked if she would come again, she indicated that she  would. On the way down Podbrdo, Our Lady appeared one more time to say  goodbye with the words, "May God be with you my angels, go in peace!"

The Fifth day

On  the 28th of June 1981, big crowds were gathering from all parts even  from the early hours of the morning. By noon there were about fifteen  thousand people. On the same day, the Parish Priest, Fr. Jozo Zovko,  examined the children on what they had seen and heard in the previous  days.
At the usual time Our Lady appeared again. The children prayed  with her, and afterwards they questioned her. Vicka, for example, asked  "My dear Lady, what do you want from us and what do you want from our  priests?" Our Lady replied, "The people should pray and firmly believe". Regarding priests, she replied that they should believe firmly and help others to do the same.
On  that day Our Lady came and went many times. During one of these times  the children asked her why she doesn't appear in the Parish Church for  every-one to see. She replied, "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe".
Even  though the crowds were pushing them with their questions and  curiosities and the day was heavy and sultry, the children felt as  though they were in heaven.

The Sixth Day
On  the 29th of June 1981, the children were taken to Mostar for a medical  examination after which they were proclaimed "healthy". The statement of  the head doctor was: "The children aren't crazy, the person who brought  them here must be though"....
The crowds on Apparition Hill that day  were greater than ever. As soon as the children arrived at the usual  place and began to pray, Our Lady appeared. On that occasion the Blessed  Mother exhorted them to have faith saying, "The people should believe firmly and have no fear."
On  that day, a doctoress who was following and observing them, during the  apparition desired to touch Our Lady. The children guided her hand to  the place where Our Lady's shoulder was, and she felt a tingling  sensation. The doctor, even though an atheist had to admit that, "Here,  something strange is happening!".
On that same day a child was  miraculously healed by the name of Daniel Šetka. Her parents had brought  her to Medjugorje, praying specifically for a healing. Our Lady had  promised that this would come about if the parents prayed and fasted and  strongly believed. The child thereupon was healed.

The Seventh Day
On  the 30th of June 1981 two young girls suggested to the children to go  by car further away to be able to stroll in peace. Really their  intention was to bring them away from the area and keep them until after  the normal apparition time had passed. However, even though the  children were far away from Podbrdo, at the usual time of the  apparition, it was as if an interior call prompted them to ask to be let  out of the car. As soon as they did, and said a prayer, Our Lady drew  near to them, from the direction of Podbrdo, which was now over a  kilometre away. She prayed seven "Our Fathers" etc. And so the girl's  trick had no effect. Soon after this the police began to hinder the  children and the pilgrims going on Podbrdo, the site of apparitions. The  children, and soon afterwards even the crowds were forbidden to go  there. But Our Lady continued to appear to them in secret places, in  their homes and in the fields. The children had already gained  confidence, and openly spoke with Our Lady, eagerly seeking her advice,  listening to her warnings and messages. The events of Medjugorje  continued in this fashion up until the 15th of January 1982.
In the  meantime, the Parish Priest began to host the pilgrims in the Church,  enabling them to participate in the rosary and to celebrate the  Eucharist. The children also gave out the rosary. Our Lady sometimes  appeared to them in the church at that time. Even the Parish Priest  himself once while praying the rosary, saw Our Lady. Immediately he  broke off praying and spontaneously started to sing a popular hymn:  "Lijepa si, lijepa, Djevo Marijo" - "O how beautiful you are, Most  Blessed Virgin Mary". The whole church could see that something unusual  was happening to him. Afterwards he stated that he had seen her. And so,  he who up until then had not only been doubtful, but openly against  even rumours of the apparitions, became their defender. He testified his  support of the apparitions even to the point of serving a prison  sentence.
From the 15th of January 1982 onwards the children saw Our  Lady in a closed off area of the Parish Church. The Parish Priest  arranged this because of the newly arisen difficulties and sometimes  even dangers, which provided themselves for the visionaries. Previously  the children had ensured that this was in accord with Our Lady's wishes.  Because of the prohibitions of the Diocesan Bishop however, from April  1985 onwards the children ceased to use the area of the church as an  apparition site. Instead, they went to a room in the Parish house.
All  this time, from the beginning of the apparitions up until today, there  have only been five days when none of the children saw Our Lady.
Our  Lady didn't always appear in the same place either, nor to the same  group, nor individuals, nor did her apparitions always last a specified  period. Sometimes the apparitions lasted two minutes, sometimes an hour.  Neither did Our Lady appear at the children's will. Sometimes they  prayed and waited but Our Lady didn't appear until a little while  afterwards, unexpectedly and unforewarned. And sometimes she appeared to  one and not to the others. If she hadn't promised an appointed time,  nobody knew when she would appear, or if she would appear. Neither did  she appear always to just the aforesaid visionaries, but to others also  of different age, stature, race, education and walks of life. All this  suggests that the apparitions are not a product of the imagination. It  depends neither on time nor place, nor desire nor the prayer of pilgrim  or visionary, but moreover on the will of He who permits it.


According  to the united testimony of the visionaries, Our Lady on the occasion of  her apparition gave a series of messages, to be transmitted to the  people. Even though there are many messages, they can however be  summarized in five themes, because all the messages basically underline  or lead up to these five.


Already on the third day, Our Lady stressed peace as the first of her messages: "Peace, peace, peace and only peace!",  after which she said twice, "Peace must reign between God and man and  between people". Considering that Maria could see a cross, when Our Lady  gave this message, the obvious conclusion is that this peace comes from  God. God, who through Our Lady in Christ became our peace.(Ephesians 2:14) "For He is the peace between us"...This peace, "the world cannot give" (John 14:27) and that's why Christ commanded His apostles to bring it to the world (Matthew 10:11) so that all men could become "sons of peace" (Luke 10:6).  That's why Our Lady as "Queen of Apostles" in Medjugorje specifically  refers to herself as "Queen of Peace". Who better than she can more  successfully convince today's world, which is faced with the threat of  destruction, how great and how necessary peace is.

The  second of Our Lady's messages is faith. Already on the fourth, fifth  and sixth day of apparitions, Our Lady exhorted those present to have  strong faith. Understandably, she repeated this message many times.  Without faith we cannot arrive at peace! Not only this but faith is  itself an answer to God's Word, which he not only proclaims but actually  gives to us. When we believe, we accept God's Word, which in Christ  became "our peace" (Ephesians 2:14). Accepting it, the individual becomes a new creature, with a new life of Christ within, and a share in God's nature (1Peter 1:4, Ephesians 2:18) In this way the individual ensures peace with God and with others.
Once  again there is no one who can better understand the necessity and  efficaciousness of faith than Our Lady. That's why she stressed it on  every occasion and charged the visionaries to bring the light of faith  to others. Our Lady presented faith as an answer to everything, no  matter whatever people were looking for. She presented it as the pre-requisite of all prayer, desires and demands, relating it to health, wholeness and to all other human necessities.

Conversion  was another one of Our Lady's frequent messages. This presupposes that  she noticed either a weakness or a complete lack of faith in humanity  today. And without conversion it is impossible to achieve peace. True  conversion means, the purifying or cleansing of the heart,(Jeremiah 4:14),  because a corrupt or 'deteriorated' heart is the basis of bad  relations, which in turn brings social disorder, unjust laws, base  constitutions etc. Without a radical change of heart, without the  conversion of the heart, there is no peace. For this reason, Our Lady  continually suggests frequent confession. The request is directed to all  without differentiation because, "not one of us is just"...."all have  wandered, not one does right" (Romans 3:11-12).

Almost  daily, from the fifth day of apparitions onwards Our Lady recommends  prayer. She requests everyone to "pray without ceasing" just as Christ  himself taught.(Mark 9:29, Matthew 9:38; Luke 11:5-13) Prayer, therefore stimulates and strengthens our faith, without which our relationship with God is disordered;-as  is our relationship with each other. Prayer also reminds us of how  close God is to us even in our daily lives: In prayer we acknowledge  Him, we give Him thanks for His gifts to us, and we are filled with a  hopeful expectancy of that which we need, but particularly our  redemption. Prayer solidifies the equilibrium of the individual, and  aids us in our 'ordered relationship with God', without which it is  impossible to maintain peace either with God or with our neighbour.
The  Word of the Lord acquainted itself with all humanity and awaits  humanity's response. It is precisely this which gives prayer it's  "justification". Our response should be "spoken faith", or "prayer". In  prayer, faith animates, renews, strengthens and sustains itself. In  addition to this, man's prayer really bears witness to the Gospel, and  to the existence of God, thus provoking a response of faith in others.

Already  on the sixth day of the apparitions, Our Lady often recommended fasting  because it aids faith. That is, the practice of fasting aids and  ensures control over oneself. Only the person who can dominate himself  is truly free, and is capable of abandoning himself to God and to his  neighbour, as faith demands. Fasting guarantees him that his abandonment  to faith is secure and sincere. It helps him to free himself from every  slavery, but especially to the slavery to sin. Whoever is not in the  possession of oneself is in some way enslaved. Therefore fasting helps  the individual to restrain himself from disordered pleasure seeking  which in turn leads him to a futile and useless existence often wasteful  of the very goods which are necessary to others just for basic  survival.
With fasting we also retrieve the gift, which creates  within us a realistic love for the poor and the destitute, which up to a  certain point eases the difference between rich and poor. It therefore  heals the wants of the poor and also heals the excesses and over-indulgence  of others. And in it's own way, it gives a dimension of peace which  today in a special way, is threatened by the difference in the  lifestyles of the rich and the poor. (e.g. North and South).
To sum  up, we can say that Our Lady's messages underline that v peace is the  greatest good, and that faith, conversion, prayer and fasting are the  means by which we can attain it.


Outside  of the five messages which, as we have said are the important messages  which Our Lady immediately gave to the whole world, she started from the  1st of March 1984, every Thursday, mainly through the visionary Marija  Pavlovic to give special messages to the Parish of Medjugorje and to the  pilgrims who come. Our Lady therefore, outside of the six visionaries  chose the Parish of Medjugorje together with the pilgrims who come here  to be her collaborators and witnesses. This is clear from the first of  the Thursday messages, where she says: "I am choosing this Parish in a special way and I want to guide it." She emphasized this once again when she said,"  I am choosing this Parish in a special way, which is dearer to me than  others, where I joyfully went when the Almighty sent me." (25th March 1985). Our Lady gave a reason too for her choice saying: "Convert, you in the Parish, this is my second wish. In that way, all those who come here will convert." (8th March 1984). "I am asking you, especially the members of this Parish, to live my messages" (16th  August 1984). First of all the parishioners and the pilgrims should  become witnesses of her apparitions, and her messages, so that we can  then unite with her and the visionaries in the realization of her plan  for conversion of the world and reconciliation with God.
Our Lady  well knows the weaknesses and the nature of the parishioners and  pilgrims with whom she wishes to collaborate in the salvation of the  world. She is aware of the need for supernatural strength. That's why  she leads them to the fount of that strength. This primarily is prayer.  She ardently and continuously exhorts us to pray. Of all prayer, she  especially stresses the Holy Mass, (7th March 1985, 16thMay 1985) and recommends continuous devotion to the Blessed Sacrament (15th March 1984). She also encourages devotion to the Holy Spirit (2nd June 1984; 9th June 1984; 11th April 1985; 23rd May 1988, etc.) and the reading of Sacred Scripture (8th Sept. 1984; 14th Feb. 1985).
With  these special messages to the Parish and it's pilgrims, Our Lady wishes  that the first messages, which in the beginning were intended for the  whole world, are deepened, made more acceptable and understandable to  others.
From the 25th of January 1987 Our Lady began to give the  message on the 25th of every month instead of every Thursday, through  the visionary Marija Pavlovic. This still continues today.

Fr. Ljudevit Rupcic
Professor of Theology and translator of Sacred Scripture into the Croatian language
Fr. Rupcic is resident in Medjugorje

Message of January 25, 2020
Dear children!
Today I am calling you to pray even more, until you feel the holiness of forgiveness in your heart. There must be holiness in the families, little children, because there is no future for the world without love and holiness – because in holiness and joy, you give yourselves to God the Creator who loves you with immeasurable love. This is why He sends me to you.
Thank you for having responded to my call.
Message of February 25, 2020
Dear children!
In this time of grace, I desire to see your faces transformed in prayer.
You are so flooded by earthly concerns, you do not even feel that spring is at the threshold.
You are called, little children, to penance and prayer.
As nature fights in silence for new life, also you are called to open yourselves in prayer to God, in Whom you will find peace and warmth of the spring sun in your hearts.
Thank you for having responded to my call.
Message of March 25, 2020
Dear children!
I am with you all these years to lead you to the way of salvation. Return to my Son; return to prayer and fasting.
Little children, permit for God to speak to your heart, because Satan is reigning and wants to destroy your lives and the earth on which you walk.
Be courageous and decide for holiness. You will see conversion in your hearts and families; prayer will be heard; God will hear your cries and give you peace.
I am with you and am blessing you all with my motherly blessing.
Thank you for having responded to my call.

Message of April 25, 2020
“Dear children!
May this time be an incentive for  personal conversion for you. Pray,  little children, in solitude,  to the Holy  Spirit to strengthen you in faith and  trust in  God,  that you  may be worthy  witnesses of the  love which God  bestows upon you through my presence. Little  children,  do not  permit trials to  harden your  heart and for prayer to  be like a desert.  Be a reflection of God's love and witness the Risen Jesus by  your  lives.I am with  you  and  I love all of you  with  my motherly  love. Thank you for having responded to my call.”
Message of May 25, 2020
“Dear children!
Pray with me for a new life for all of you.
In your hearts, little children, you know what needs to be changed. Return to God and His Commandments, so that the Holy Spirit may change your lives and the face of this earth, which is in need of renewal in the spirit.
Little children, be prayer for all those who do not pray; be joy for all those who do not see the way out; be carriers of light in the darkness of this peaceless time.
Pray and seek the help and protection of the saints so that you also could yearn for Heaven and Heavenly realities.
I am with you and am protecting and blessing all of you with my motherly blessing.
Thank you for having responded to my call.”

Message of June 25, 2020
“Dear children!
I am listening to your cries and prayers, and am interceding for you before my Son Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Return, little children, to prayer and open your hearts in this time of grace and set out on the way of conversion. Your life is passing and, without God, does not have meaning. This is why I am with you to lead you towards holiness of life, so that each of you may discover the joy of living. I love you all, little children, and am blessing you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

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