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Joyful Mystery


Rosary on a Fast Day

Reproduced from the book Fast with the Heart by Fr Slavko.
Photos by kind permission of Jenny Preston

To pray the Rosary means to be with Jesus and Mary, in joy, in sorrow and in glory. When things are going well for us, we easily forget God and then cause problems and difficulties to ourselves and to others. These become real crosses in life. This is why we need the Joyful Mysteries in order to learn how to live with God when things are going well.
When things are difficult, we are inclined to complain to God because of our suffering and we distance ourselves from Him. In suffering we easily lose our faith, hope, love and trust and so live in anguish, fear, bitterness and mistrust. That is why it is good for us to learn how to live when it is difficult for us and why we need the Sorrowful Mysteries.
In order to carry our crosses more easily, we need to be with Jesus and Mary in glory to see what happens after the Cross, the Passion and Death. We often behave like children who see nothing else in a doctor except a painful injection. They cry and want to run away. When a person fixes his sight on healing, he can more easily accept every suffering.
In that sense, I recommend the prayer of the Rosary on a fast day for the grace of fasting and in order to learn how to live with Jesus and Mary.

The Creed

First Joyful Mystery

Thank You; Father, for announcing Your Will to Mary through the Archangel Gabriel. Thank You, Mary for having an open heart and for placing the Father's Will in the first place in Your life. Thank You for Your response, "Father let it be done to me according to Your Word."
On this fast day, together with You Mary, I ask the Lord to purify my heart of every addiction of this world and from everything, other than God, that has occupied the first place in my heart. I ask Him to free me from everything that has taken away or diminished my inner freedom. I ask Him to free me from everything that has made me blind and deaf in recognizing and accepting His Will. Father, give me the grace on this fast day to recognize and accept Your Will in complete inner freedom, free from all things. Grant that together with Mary, I may say, "Father, let Your Will be done so that You may come to dwell in me completely. "

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, 0 my Jesus. . .


Second Joyful Mystery

Mary, when God completely entered into Your life, You were ready to meet others and to bring God into their lives. Thank You for going to visit Elizabeth. Thank You for glorifying the Lord with her and for helping her. In Your heart, You were free and capable of meeting Elizabeth with love. In turn, she was able to recognize God in Your life and was able to bless You. She was able to give glory to Him together with You.
On this fast day, together with You, I ask the Lord to free me from everything that hinders me from meeting others with love. Also, free the hearts of others so that they may recognize the presence of the Lord in me. Through this fasting and prayer today, may my entire being be open to God and to others so that in freedom of heart, I may enter into a joyful communion with them. I offer this day of fasting and prayer for all families so that parents and children may realize the joy of family togetherness in complete inner freedom.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, O my Jesus. . .

Third Joyful Mystery

Thank You, Mary, for having given birth to Jesus, the King of Peace, in poverty. You were not embittered by the residents of Bethlehem even though they refused to receive You and Joseph for lodging. They did not want to open their doors even though they saw You with child. You prevailed over bitterness because Your heart was free and secure in the Lord. Thus, the angels were able to sing jubilantly to You because Your heart was joyful.
On this fast day together with You, I ask the Lord to free me from every bond to material things, so that in freedom and love I can joyfully accept the conditions of life in which I live. May I overcome every restlessness to become a person of good will, prepared to accept peace and to proclaim it to others. May my heart be free so that together with You, and like You, I can worship the King of Peace. By the power of fasting and prayer, may the hearts of all those responsible in the Church and in the world become completely free so asto intercede with all their strength for peace for all mankind.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, O my Jesus. . .


Fourth Joyful Mystery

Thank You, Mary, for having presented Jesus in the temple for our salvation, together with Joseph, in freedom of heart and with love. May that moment be blessed when the old man Simeon recognized in Your Son the Saviour and the Light to illuminate all people. He did so together with Anna who fasted and prayed her entire life.
On this fast day, together with You, I pray to the Lord that through fasting and prayer, all Christians may become capable of encountering Him. May they become capable of recognizing His presence in the Eucharist and in His Word and of meeting Him in every Sacrament with an open and free heart. I am fasting and praying for all those who cannot receive the Lord in their arms like Simeon because their hands are bound by earthly goods and their hearts are turned to the world and its promises. Open all of our hearts and souls so that, in freedom, we may recognize the Lord and celebrate His coming together with Simeon and Anna. Help us, through fasting and prayer, to know how to wait for the Lord and to receive Him when He comes.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, 0 my Jesus. . .

Fifth Joyful Mystery

Thank You, Mary, for having sought and found Your Son in the temple together with Joseph. You were in anguish and sorrow for three full days because You did not know where He was. When You found Him in the temple, Your heart again became quiet in the joy of Your meeting. Jesus, Your Son, did not try to justify Himself but said that He had to be in the house of His Father. On this fast day, I offer my fasting and prayer, together with You, Mary, for all those who have lost their inner freedom because of poor family upbringing and have wandered far away from the Lord on wrong paths of life in their addiction. Look for them, 0 Mary, and return them to the house of the Father so that they may live in peace and joy and may grow in love and knowledge before God and man, as Your Son Jesus did in Nazareth.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, O my Jesus. . .

Concluding prayer:

Together with Your Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I bless You and give glory to You, 0 Heavenly Father, for giving me the grace to be able to pray and to be with Your Son, Jesus and His Mother Mary on this fast day. Today, through fasting and prayer, may complete peace and joy enter into my heart and into the hearts of all those for whom I fast and pray. Help us to love You more and more even when things are going well for us. Let it be so. Amen.

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