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Glorious Mystery


The Glorious Mysteries

Reproduced from the book Fast with the Heart by Fr Slavko.
Photos by kind permission of Jenny Preston

Introductory prayer:

I give glory to You, Jesus, for conquering death and rising from the dead. I joyfully exclaim to You, 'Alleluia!' On this day of fasting and prayer grant me the grace to enter into Your glorious victory over sin, evil and death with all my heart and soul, and to experience its beauty. By the power of Your Spirit, remove from my heart everything that does not permit me to enter into the celebration of the great Easter victory with You. Mary, may my heart, like Your Heart, be illuminated with the Risen joy in the early Easter morning.

The Creed

First Glorious Mystery

Jesus, You gloriously rose from the dead. After Your Passion, Cross, Death and Entombment, You came forth victoriously to a new life from the darkness of death and the tomb.
I offer this day of fasting and prayer for myself and for all those who lie in tombs of sin, bad habits, hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, pride, godlessness, idolatry and violence. I offer it for all those who, wounded by the sin of others have fallen into dug-out graves. May each heart experience a victorious celebration and give glory and praise to You, O Victorious Jesus.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, O my Jesus. . .

 The Resurrection of Jesus
The Ascension of Jesus

Second Glorious Mystery

I give glory to You, Jesus, for having spent forty days with Your Disciples, healing their faith. You gave them peace and prior to Your Ascension, You told them to pray and to wait for the Holy Spirit. You blessed them and then ascended into Heaven.
I offer this day of fasting and prayer for all those who are completely bound to themselves, to others and to material things; for all those who have come to worship the temptation of power so that there is no room for You in their hearts as their gaze is turned towards the world. Through fasting and prayer, may they raise their hearts towards Heavenly goodness so that in the freedom of heart and soul, they can love, forgive, be merciful, be kind, be just and be patient. May the wealthy of this world raise their eyes in the freedom of their hearts to recognize their brothers in the poor and come joyfully to serve them. Through fasting and prayer may the first place in their hearts be for You. May they always remain faithful to You.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, O my Jesus. . .

Third Glorious Mystery

I give glory to You Jesus, because, faithful to Your promise, You sent the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles who persevered in prayer together with Mary, Your Mother. They received Him readily and became Your witnesses to the ends of the earth.
I offer this day of fasting and prayer that You may fill the restless with the spirit of peace; the faithless with the spirit of faith; the godless with the spirit of prayer; the weak with the spirit of strength; the foolish with the spirit of wisdom; the sorrowful and anguished with the spirit of consolation and joy; the imprisoned by evil and sin with the spirit of inner freedom; those who hate with the spirit of love; the disappointed with the spirit of hope, the violent with the spirit of meekness; the unjust with the spirit of justice; the unmerciful with the spirit of mercy; those fallen into alcohol and drugs with the spirit of sobriety; the lazy with the spirit of diligence; those who resist Your Will with the spirit of cooperation with You; the miserly with the spirit of generosity; the proud with the spirit of humility; those who have authority in the Church and in the world with the spirit of service; those who kill unborn life with the spirit of life; and those overcome by the spirit of lies with the spirit of truth. Grant that through fasting and prayer all conflicts and wars may be eliminated and Your Kingdom of love and peace, justice and truth may come to all men and nations.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, O my Jesus. . .

The Descent of the Holy Spirit
The Assumption of Mary

Fourth Glorious Mystery

I give glory to You, O Father, for having assumed Mary, body and soul, into Heaven. Thank You for having rewarded Her faithfulness to Your Son with a majestic celebration in Heaven. Be blessed in Her fasting and prayers, in Her love and faithfulness. Thank You, Mary, for being close to us through Your apparitions even though You have been assumed into Heaven.
I offer this day of fasting and prayer with You for all those who are faithful to Your message. May they receive the strength to remain faithful in every life situation so as to remain with You their entire lives until their glorious entry into heaven. I especially offer my fasting and prayer for the youth so that in You, 0 Mary, they may discover the Mother and the Teacher so that they may overcome all of life's difficulties and trials of this world. Through fasting and prayer may they be able to discern evil and its traps and successfully fight against the seduction waiting for them in the world.
May all the young recognize the Star of Salvation and Hope in You. May they continue their way with You in faithfulness to Jesus and may they accept Him as their Way, Truth, Light and Life.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, 0 my Jesus. . .

Fifth Glorious Mystery

I give glory to You Father, for having crowned Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth and for sending Her to us as the Queen of Peace. Thank You, Mary, for being tireless with us and for praying and interceding for us.
I offer this day of fasting and prayer, to which You call me, for Your intentions so that peace may enter into every heart, into every family, into the Church and into the world. I offer it for the reconciliation of those living in dissension; for the unbelievers to come to experience the love of the Father; for families to start to pray; for the conquering of every evil and of the evil one. I offer it for all of Your intentions in which You call us to participate with You in fasting and prayer. Let it be so.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys, Glory Be, 0 my Jesus. . .

Concluding prayer:

On this day of fasting and prayer, I thank You, Heavenly Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ together with Mary, Ever Virgin, for giving me the grace to enter with my entire being into the Mysteries of Their lives. Grant that in this way, I may discover Your immeasurable love with which You love all creatures. Fill all of us, Your children, with the Spirit of fasting and prayer, so that we may be able to recognize and fulfil Your will; to love You above everything else; to love our neighbours as ourselves; and to love and protect all nature as a special expression of Your love towards us. We implore You: may Your peace pour forth into all hearts through the intercession of Mary, in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, the King of Peace. Let it be so. Amen.

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