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I married my husband Bo in 1975 in the Catholic Church. I was a practicing Catholic and Bo was baptized Greek Catholic, although he was raised in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. He practiced until he went to college and there his spiritual journey ended. He did not attend Sunday Mass with the family unless it was Easter or Christmas. In 1990 when I first visited Medjugorje, I had a spiritual epiphany and began trying to go to daily Mass, as well as joining a Rosary prayer group. As I became more devout, Bo became more belligerent and called me a religious fanatic. When 2 of our 5 daughters were in high school, they began smoking pot, acting out, skipping school. My inclination was to pray more, plus going to drug and alcohol counseling and family counseling. Bo moved out of the house declaring all of the problems were my fault, since I was a stay at home mother. I just kept praying and eventually after about 6 months he moved home. But, he still did not come back to practicing his faith until 2013. At that time I had been coming to Medjugorje with a group every year since 2010. I had been going to daily Mass and praying for his conversion for years. I also came to Medjugorje to thank Our Lord for all of our gifts. One Sunday I asked if anyone wanted to go to Mass with me. Usually I had no takers (one of our daughters still lives at home) But, my husband said, "I went to St. Mary's downtown this morning". I thought how nice, but it was pretty random. Several weeks later, I asked again if anyone wanted to go with me. Again, he said that he had been going for the last 6 months. Since that time, he has joined St.Vincent de Paul Society with me and we became members of a Catholic Group for business people called Legatus. Now this April we are going with my grandson and one of our daughters to Medjugorje. He has been asking me how to pray more and he has gone on an Emmaus Men's Retreat and a Men's Catholic Gathering in the city of Pittsburgh, near where we live. I thank Our Lord and Lady, because people who know him, actually can't believe the change. He use to have a temper and since he heads a business he treated the girls and me like employees. He is much more loving. One of my granddaughters said, "Gram, what happened to Papa?" I said, nothing....she said why has he been so nice. People might say, he was getting older and mellowing, but I know in my heart it is a gift from God and His Mother. My prayers in Medjugorje were answered. We have been married 38 years and known each other 41 years. So for those who might be losing hope, I say....just keep praying and trusting that your loved ones will come back. Once a holy and devout woman in my prayer group said..."Frannie, don't worry. Bo's conversion will happen. It may not be in your lifetime, but God is trustworthy. So, pray, hope and don't worry. Best advice ever !! Now we both are returning this April to give thanks.

Blessing and Thanks to God, Frannie Stone

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