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Fasting by Mary E Smith


(ISAIAH 35: 3-4; MATT 14:28) by Mary E. Smith

"Do not worry"! Rather, jump for joy for the great grace God has given you to construct your spiritual life with prayer and fasting, and to protect the 5 senses of your body from all evil. Jesus, our true Man and true God says, "Life means more than food and the body more than clothing" (Mtt 6:25-34).. and "Not by bread alone does man live, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God."(Mtt 4:4) We certainly know that "4,000 men, not counting the women and the children, fasted day and night with Jesus for 3 days up in the hills, and had nothing to eat" because they preferred to cling to the awesome teaching of His words. (Mtt 15:32) We know that Jesus, our High Priest, fasted 40 days before He began His public ministry, and said that prayer and fasting are necessary to cast out demons. (Mark 9:29) Also, “Anna, at the age of 84 years, was in the temple day and night worshipping God with fasting and praying." (Luke 2: 36-38)

Mary our Mother, The Queen of Peace says "the best fast is on bread and water." (July 21 1982) On June 26 1981 She was already speaking about the importance of fasting for our soul and body, and on September 20th 1981 said to the visionaries Vicka and Jacov, "I ask you both to fast for one week on bread and water." (Jacov was only 10 years of age) And says, "I am protecting you with My Motherly Mantle” (April 25 1988), "and pray that The Lord of Peace will protect you with His Mantle." (Dec. 25 1990)

And for those who do not yet have the strength to fast She says, "It would be good for you to give up T.V...alcohol, cigarettes and other pleasures. You yourselves know what you must do," (Dec. 8 1981) because there is nothing impossible with God.

Why bread and water? The human body is composed of 63% water; 22 % protein; 13 % fat; and 2% vitamins and minerals. Why bread? Mary our Mother and Protectress of The Flock says, "because I do not want you hungry and that you will not want more." And what did God our Father and Creator say? "Bread is best" because " I give you all the seed-bearing plants (grains etc.)...and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; these shall be your food." (Gen 1:29) Why water? "Water is best" because it is the most vital nutient of the human body and flushes out toxins faster than any other liquid.

The human body and soul need time with rest to recover their strength in God. When a wild animal, for example a deer, becomes 'sick' it finds a place in the shade to lie down near water, and just rests there until the ill effects wear off. Therefore, "Rest, rest in My Son." (Aug.27 2010) As the psalmist says,” Enough for me to keep my soul tranquil and quiet like a child in its Mother's arms." (Psalm 13:2) Fasting allows the body and all the organs to rest with prayer in union with God, The Holy Spirit Who is our Wonder-Worker, Counselor and Healer -because it is relieved of the work it must do to digest complex foods.

Over a period of time toxins may build up in the body as a result of breathing in pollutants and consuming foods and liquids adulterated with chemicals. A toxin is a poison to the body . It could eventually harm the health and functioning of the body. There presence in the body causes it to produce fat-cells into which toxins are stored to protect the vital organs. In generations past we never had a table set as modern man does today. From time to time the body must purify itself from toxins by releasing them from the tissues into the blood stream. Fasting permits the energy needed to digest food to be redirected to the immune system, cell growth and healing; and the eliminatory processes by which the system rids itself of toxins without the addition of new ones.

With fat-stored chemicals released into the blood, the lungs, liver, kidneys and colon are cleansed. White cells move more easily due to less fats in the serum. The eliminatory system cleans the blood which carries oxygen to every cell of the body with tissue oxygenation greatly enhanced -along with fresh air, exercise, sunlight and prayer. Unwanted fat cells are less due to fewer toxins. Amen! Now that all that is said, in our humility we know we still understand so precious little with regard to the wonders of God's Creations. We believe that the prayer of grace before and after meals blesses them, and us in such a way as not to harm us; if we do not put God to the test by eating what we know is deleterious to our health.

Our wise Mother, Mary Queen of Peace invites us to fast strictly on Wednesday and Friday, and on Thursdays if necessary; for 3 days before small Church Feast days; and 9 days before Great Ones. As with a 1 day fast, a 3 day fast can help rid us of sin, toxins and cleanse the blood so that oxygen is increased throughout the body. And a 9 day fast, wherein the healing and rebuilding of the immune system begins after the 5th day, takes care of problems before they arise in the human body and in the world,
"by stopping wars and suspending the laws of nature." (Jan. 26 1987 MQP) As mentioned before, we are not expounding upon the immense spiritual benefits herein, because they can be obtained from many sources since June 24 1981.

"Words serve those who do not obey." ( Sept 20 1985) On September 26 1985 our Mother, The Queen of Peace implored us to "Especially live the fast because by fasting you will achieve and cause me the joy of the whole Plan God is planning here in Medugorje, to be fulfilled."

At the turn of the 20th Century Satan and "his men" said, "We cannot destroy The Catholic Church (The shepherds and their sheep) by Her intellect but we shall by the 5 senses." (Fatima 1917 and other sites; Pope Leo XI11) By June 24 1981, seeing that Satan
"was drawing the world into a great whirlpool, and that it did not realize into what sin it was sinking" (Feb. 17 1984) - God sent our Mother to Medugorje faster than an eagle, with the strongest weapon for each one to protect our 5 senses of the body against the strategies of satan.. .Fasting! In the Name of God, and in the power of His Word for His glory. Without God we are nothing. Mortification reaches the root of sensual pleasures and helps our growth in God to live a higher life. Fasting with prayer, The Bible, Confession and The Eucharist are the 5 weapons She has given to each one to defend ourselves and to help Her "pull the world out of sin". With fasting and prayer you will "conquer" (6.25.92) and "completely dis-arm satan and ensure your happiness." (Jan. 24 85). "I am the Mother who has come from the people. I cannot do anything without the help of God. It is because of that, that I can only say to you, pray, fast, do penance and help the weak." (Aug. 29 1982) Therefore I also," urge you to ask everyone to pray The Rosary. With the Rosary you will overcome all the troubles satan is 'trying' to inflict on the Catholic Church." (Jan 25 1985)

Our Mother would never ask us to do something which would harm us and explains only with love,
I have here a great Plan for the salvation of mankind.” (Jan 25 1987) "Without you I cannot help the world." (Aug 28 1986) "It is necessary to tell them that from the beginning I have been conveying The Message of God to the world. It is a great pity not to believe it. Faith is a vital element but one cannot compel a person to believe. Faith is the foundation from which everything flows." (Dec. 31 1981) God does only good! Obedience is the true love we find in God, The Holy Spirit. The will of flesh is vacillating and indecisive, whereas faith seeks security in the saving will of God alone.

St. John Vianney said in an apparition after his death, "I would do it all again for the place I now have with God in Heaven." Fasting is a token of sorrow for sin. It accompanies repentance, prayer of petitions, miracles and healings, casting out devils, and prayer in times of crises of great need - such as our time. Fasting helps us to be "stronger than evil" (1 John 2: 13-17) and assists us with a firm will
"not to allow satan to open up paths of earthly happiness." (Aug 2 2010).

Mary E. Smith

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