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Desmond Gomes

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Desmond Gomes

I really don't know how it started but back in 1997 I registered with to receive monthly messages of our Lady. Since then, I dreamed of visiting Medjugorje one day. I tried my first attempt in 2000 but after talking to the Embassy in Delhi, I had to abandon the idea. They required documents attested by Police and government to issue visa. So my dream shattered but I did not give up hope and whenever I opened the Medjugorje website I prayed to the Lord and said "Lord please let me have the visa to go to Medjugorje once". My dream came true in 2010. It was indeed difficult to arrange the visa as there was no Embassy/consulate of Bosnia in my country. I firmly believe it was the first miracle in my life. After I reached Medjugorje, I felt immense love which I never experienced in my life. I met people who gave me photos and booklet. I believe it was God gave those through people. One day, on my way to the Cross Mountain I met a Lady who gave me two books (One is Holy Mass and the other about Fasting) amazingly enough I never met her later. She gave me her email address written by herself but that never worked out. After reading the book "Holy Mass", I discovered that it was for that book maybe I had to go to Medjugorje. The Holy Mass is the centre of our life. Our Lady is always present at the Church. I noticed various signs in the sky of Medjugorje. On two occasions I noticed bright rays besides the moon right after the holy hour of adoration. I noticed an object like Holy Communion in the sky also. Medjugorje has given me a new life. After visiting Medjugorje I have no doubt about existence of God.


Desmond Gomes

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