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Anne Gosney

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Anne Gosney Sheffield England

I have been to Medugorje 5 times now, twice a year in the past two years and my first visit was Sept 1996. It was on that first visit I had my 'appointment' with our Blessed Mother. Born into an Irish Catholic family I grew up with the Rosary and weekly Mass, but the prayers always seemed to be rattled off and superficial, so I drifted from my faith. In my twenties, I returned to Mass, finding God for real, but I struggled with the role of Mary in my renewed faith. My own mother died when I was 9, so perhaps this affected my views, I don't really know, but I could not relate to Mary - I saw her as an alternative to God; a figure who people prayed to and almost seem to worship. (A view held by several other denominations, I believe) My visit therefore was a struggle and the constant rain did not help my mood! I fought against the power I sensed, refusing to open my heart. Then at the end of my week's visit I climbed Krizevac alone at rain, a miracle that week! Sitting at the top, in the grass, surrounded by wild cyclamen, a powerful sense of peace enfolded me. I asked in my heart '' Why have you brought me here? What do you want?'' In my mind an image formed of the young Virgin, holding her baby, my Lord Jesus, and in my heart the words ''Look at my Son! Look at Him, my Son'' She seemed amazed by the miracle she held and looked enraptured by the child in her arms. ''Look at Jesus, He is all that matters. Keep your eyes on Him'' That was it - my heart was healed, I had no problem with Mary anymore and could now call her my Blessed Mother. Since that first visit I have encouraged others to visit Medugorje, among them my husband who is now a great advocate for our Blessed Mother. All she longs to do is to draw everyone closer to Jesus; for everyone to ''Look at my Son, look at Him''

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