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A Testimony from Alberto Moreno from Spain 12-2-11.

Praised be Jesus and Mary,
I´d like to share with you this story, so that you can share it if you consider it interesting. It was written in december.
God bless you
I´d like to write this letter to give thanks publicly to Our Lady for all She has done in my life, in this very special day of her Inmaculate Conception.I´d like to thank Mary, above all, for leading me with her hand to discover and accept the Lord´s will for my life, which is no other than priesthood. I´d like to thank Her for carrying me in the middle of the darkness, when I was very far from the Lord. I´d like to thank Her for lifting me up when I was more submerged in my sin and my weakness. And also for lighting the path for me when I most needed it, especially in these last years, where the Lord has been showing me slowly and softly how great is His love for me; how He is the only one who can fulfill my raging thirst for happiness; and what an immense and unbeatable gift is Our Most Blessed Mother Mary. The more I felt loved, the bigger was my desire to correspond Him with all my strength and, curiously, the less clear I saw my path, because of the increasing realization of my insignificance. In this way, by looking very often to my Mother, I was falling in love more and more with the most beautiful woman who has ever walked the earth, and I started whispering together with Her, more and more frequently, in my moments of intimacy with the Lord, “Lord, I´m just your servant,

let it be done according to your Word”.Since Mary called me to Medjugorje, my life changed drastically. Mary, hand in hand with the Holy Spirit, revolutioned my life, showing me the love of God the Father, who brought with Him the peace, the joy and a completely new way of life. She gave me the certainty that the unkown God I had heard of so many times, was complete Love. A devoted Love, an unlimited Love, a humble and burning Love, a hidden Love, a suffering Love, a Love become human, a Love become bread, a merciful Love. And She also reminded me the importance of the heart, which not only helps to bump the blood, but most significantly helps us to come to Heaven, when we make it available completely and with a strong will to the Lord and the neighbour.Since the Love found me, and started showing me who He is, a fire was born in my heart, and became more and more lively and uncontainable, and the only thing I dreamt with was to keep this fire forever, and share it with all men on earth. My plea to the Good Lord changed, not knowing how He wanted to use me in His plan of salvation. Amid the intense search in which one day I imagined myself going all over the world as a missionary, other day I saw myself as a monk delivered to prayer and penance, this summer the Queen of Peace called me to Her small, humble home in Bosnia, Medjugorje. There I went to visit Her for a month, with the certainty that the deep longing of my heart would be reciprocated in that special place. And as Our Lady does not look for anything else but to take us to Her Son, once there, the Lord, who is always faithful to his promise, and as Jesus Christ stated in clear words that "he who asks receives, he who seeks finds; and who knocks it will be opened ", He made me wonderfully clear His will inviting me to be with Him and follow Him as a priest. Such a great gift, I still can hardly believe it. The simple idea that the Lord one day will use my hands and my voice to deliver the men from death that sin means, to bring Christ himself in a real way into the bread and wine, to bring the Holy Spirit to heal, purify, comfort and consecrate, is an idea that makes me shudder when I stop to contemplate it.
And from here, dear friends, from the seminary, with a great joy in the heart, and with the confidence that with God nothing is impossible, I share this joy, asking you to remember me in your prayers so that I can be a simple and selfless instrument, always faithful to the Lord's call.
I promise also to have you present in my prayers, and I´d like to thank you for every time you may have prayed for me, because the power of prayer is infinite. And just as I began this letter, I want to once again give my heartfelt thanks to the Immaculate Mary, Queen of Peace, for having pampered me and welcomed me in Her lap in such a tenderly way, when I never deserved any of these blessings. May She, powerful intercessor before the Father, obtain for us the grace to always surrender to the will of God just as She did, and maintain a living and empowering hope in the midst of all the circumstances, however hard they may be.
Praised be Jesus and Mary.

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